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Electric Cutting Line Of Silicon Steel Sheet


This equipment is an ideal processing equipment for the production of transformer silicon steel sheet. It is an advanced domestic equipment independently developed by our company based on the cross cutting line of Germany's Georg and Belgium Sonnen, and it is a leading domestic equipment.

2、 Equipment composition


1. Double head unwinder system (pneumatic expansion and contraction, frequency conversion control, automatic discharging)

2. No pit buffer device (multi speed automatic control, stable acceleration and deceleration operation)

3. Servo feeding system (full closed loop control, high precision, small size error of long piece)

4. V-type punch press (servo driven cross feed, with longitudinal and transverse stepping function)

5. 45 ° shearing machine (electric servo)

6. 135 ° shearing machine (servo drive center positioning)

7. Type 0 punch press (servo drive center positioning, longitudinal automatic movement)

8. Material handling system (magnetic adsorption reverse drag mode, can be divided into front and rear automatic material handling)

9. Discharging trolley (with automatic walking, servo positioning function, can realize multiple sets of multi column blanking)

10. Side guide rail system (center positioning, automatic width adjustment, cemented carbide structure)

12. Air pressure system (including cylinder, air valve, pipeline, without air source)

Operation direction: left line (operator standing in front of the console, facing the equipment, feeding on the right side and discharging on the left side) or right line

3、 Technological process

The equipment can automatically complete the shear, material preparation and column forming functions of silicon steel sheet iron core as required. It is a kind of product with high degree of automation developed by our company to meet the needs of automatic production of transformer core processing. Under the premise of ensuring product quality and processing accuracy, punching can automatically move vertically, realizing simultaneous action of punching and shearing, and the production efficiency can be improved. Through the horizontal automatic precise positioning and moving of blanking trolley, it can realize that it does not need frequent material change According to a single shear can also batch of automatic shear, through the positioning pin precise positioning to achieve the function of automatic column stacking, greatly reducing the labor intensity of manual stacking iron.

4、 Main technical parameters of silicon steel sheet electric cross cutting line


5、 The standard configuration can complete the following conventional production sheet types:

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